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I highly recommend Ducts Pro. About a month ago, I discovered mold growing in my attic. I was at a loss for words, but fortunately pulled myself together long enough to call Ducts Pro. A small remediation team worked long hours to solve the issue

Henrietta Combs

We recently found out that our home had developed mold. It was heartbreaking and frightening. Thankfully, we found Ducts Pro. The company eased our concerns and rectified the problem right away. We can finally return to our home! We would definitely recommend Ducts Pro.

The Tuttle Family

I heard about dryer vent cleaning and decided to call this company. A tech arrived at my home and told me all about the importance of cleaning the dryer vent. I decided to use their services. They did a great job. Plus, the tech was very nice and friendly. I would recommend them.

Freddy Frank

Ducts Pro cleaned my ducts a few months ago. The company did a great job. The techs were very nice and courteous too.

Betty Sims

I am happy to say that I recently worked with Ducts Pro. The company was great and got rid of the mold pretty quickly. I would definitely recommend Ducts Pro to anyone.

Sam Little

I recently hired Ducts Pro to clean my air ducts. They did an exceptional job. How do I know? Well, the tech showed us before and after pictures. Plus, the price was reasonable. I will definitely be using their services again in the future.

Timothy White

My electric bill was climbing higher. I decided to give Ducts Pro a chance. The company cleaned the ducts within hours and the electric bill has been lower ever since. The company’s service has proven to be well worth the value.

Willy Smith

I have had my dryer vents cleaned three times. Two times I was disappointed. On the third attempt, I hired Ducts Pro. The company did the job right and didn’t charge too much! I was finally satisfied with a dryer vent cleaning company. Suffice to say, I will be using Ducts Pro again in the future!

Joshua Richey

We unfortunately bought a house that had mold. We knew that we would need to fix the problem or move out. We found Ducts Pro and hired the company to fix the problem. They saved us a lot of money and fixed our problem for good. Thank you so much!

Eddy Preston

If you need to get your dryer vent cleaned, you need to hire Ducts Pro. Trust me. I did and I couldn’t be happier. They’ll treat you right!

Jane Lentz

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